Protest at City Hall

POT TV – Protests held at Vancouver’s City Hall demanding fair dispensary regulations.

Protests demanding the end of the City of Vancouver’s aggression towards legacy cannabis dispensaries were held on February 1rst, 2019 outside City Hall.

Approximately a hundred people marched, waved signs and beat drums to draw attention to the City of Vancouver’s move to close dispensaries during a housing, overdose and cannabis crisis.

Protestors repeated evidence from the Mayor’s Special Overdose Task Force showing dispensaries reduced overdose deaths, and where a medical patient begged for the dispensaries she relies on to remain open. The City has ignored the plea, and continued forced closures.

Additionally the closures of shops has resulted in layoffs during the worst housing crisis in the city’s history.

Head of Communications for the City, Alvin Singh, was given correspondence to brief the Mayor with, but, as of publication time, had not responded to PotTV about it.

“Please ask the Mayor why he wants to take medicine away from sick and dying people.” Jeremiah Vandermeer, CEO of Cannabis Culture, which was forced to close three locations, asked.

WATCH POT TV’s LIVE Stream of the protest, and the closure of the Cannabis Culture Davie Street location, and more at Pot.TV.

*Additional footage courtesy of Ark Productions