Dispensaries Save Lives

POT TV – A glimpse at Vancouver’s Special Overdose Task Force and the City’s plan to close dispensaries.

Why should anyone have to beg for medicine?

At a recent Special Overdose Task Force meeting speakers begged City Council for safe access to safe drugs, dignity, and common sense compassion. (Watch full day coverage of the event and read the full report here.) “Please don’t shut down the clubs where I have access to medication I need.” Hayley Rose’s need is undeniable.

Despite solid research showing cannabis dispensaries saving lives by offering a safe alternative to deadlier drugs, the City’s report mentions cannabis only once, and not in relation to opiate substitution.

The city is still pushing forward with plans to close dispensaries during an overdose epidemic.

To take action:

Call Mayor Kennedy Stewart

Call Councillor Adriane Carr, Vancouver Green Leader

Call NPA Councillor Rebecca Bligh

Call NPA Councillor Lisa Dominato



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