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Newsletter #2, January 21st to 28th 2011 – I just finished reading a 450-page adventure novel, "Pirates of Savannah" written by a fellow Libertarian. It’s a fun read about the early settlers of the area along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, taking place in the years 1720-1740. It’s a story of struggle by ordinary (but heroic & brave) folk (all prisoners from English jails released to go to the “New World”) vs. the King of England and villainous lackeys, referred to as “lobsterbacks”, “Red-coats” and other harsher terms.

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CANNABIS CULTURE - 2010 was a huge media year for the herb, but some of this year's pot news was left in a haze. Here's a round up of the Top Ten Underreported Marijuana Stories from 2010.
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