Joe Rogan Experience – Pot Debate – Alex Berenson & Dr. Michael Hart

POT TV – A “pot debate” between Alex Berenson and Dr. Michael Hart on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Alex Berenson, author of “Tell Your Children,” debates his book’s claim of a “link between teenage marijuana use and mental illness” with Dr. Michael Hart, a clinician with experience recommending cannabis.

The debate dips when Alex admits his work was written with his thesis first. He argues well, but his definitions of medicine and efficacy for a substance with almost no lethal dosage is too limited. Does a patient not know when they’re feeling relief? Is it anecdotal evidence when it’s 230 people in a row?

Anyone swayed by his reaffirmations of the gateway theory or youth use should pair Berenson’s book with “Does Cannabis Inherently Harm Young People’s Developing Minds?” by David Malmo Levine who advocates an open, honest discussion with youth.

Remember kids: The dosage is the poison. The cure to an incorrect dosage is knowledge, not violence.