Vancouver’s Cannabis Substitution Project

POT TV – A glimpse at Vancouver’s Cannabis Substitution Project which offers free cannabis care packs.

The Cannabis Substitution Project, hosted at VANDU on Thursday and Sunday, in Vancouver BC has provided free cannabis care packs to those in need for two years.

Most often suffering from a deadlier drug dependence, or needing access to free medicine, clients rely on the program for a vital and rare health service.

The line-up of clients can stretch down the block in both directions for hours, regardless of weather, averaging 180 people per day. And the line is getting longer.

The City of Vancouver is forcing the closure of dozens of dispensaries. Despite solid evidence that dispensaries save lives, a supreme court ruling protecting medical access to cannabis in any form, and a recent Special Overdose Task Force, the City of Vancouver is cutting easy access to cannabis, by enforcing arbitrary zoning rules. The move will greatly limit the availability of cannabis edibles, and the supply of the CSP’s care packs.

Program Director Neil Magnuson sees the need first hand. “The lack of access is definitely causing deaths. There’s a great need in this city that’s not being met.”

The City’s decision to close shops came after a legal battle over intentionally restrictive licensing, and a refusal to grant permits based on medical need.

*Additional footage courtesy of Jerry Provost.