Radio-Canada: Licensed Cannabis Growers Have Ties to Organized Crime

POT TV – A Radio-Canada investigation claims connections between organized crime and legal licensed producers of Canadian cannabis.

One of two talking points hammered repeatedly by the Canadian government about the need to ‘strictly regulate’ cannabis has been the dreaded ‘black market.’ (The other is the danger to youth.)

Despite research showing the current Canadian illicit cannabis market is, at most, 5% true organized crime (violent gangs), the scare tactic persists from government officials and licensed producers.

However a recent investigation from the CBC’s Radio-Canada links government approved licensed producers of cannabis to organized crime. An RCMP spokesperson estimated the figure at approximately 10%, roughly on par with the illicit market.

If legal cannabis isn’t cleaner, or safer, than the current illegal cannabis market, why are peaceful non-violent people still being arrested, while others profit?