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POT TV – WATCH this festive episode of The 420 Lifestyle Show with Carly Marley & BCbudgal. They are joined by Jeremiah Vandermeer who explains the hidden drug history of Santa Claus.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. CCN LIVE will not be aired this week, but will return next week with a new episode.

Sex and drugs with a phreaky puffing pussPuffing clips from "Fritz the Cat" ('72 - by Steve Krantz and Ralph Bakshi) and "Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat" ('74 -Steve but no Ralph). Based on a character created by Robert Crumb. Rude, naughty, hedonistic & totally disrespectful towards the authorities. Special thanks to "Bud-E" for snagging this one (and Southpark and other shows, too)About Fritz: Crumb: