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CANNABIS CULTURE - Some words of advice from a pot activist to Canada's next Prime Minister, Ross Rebagliati.

There were certain advantages to having Bush as President, which we just don’t get with Obama. When Bush gave a speech, we knew it was all lies and bull, you could sit back and dismiss everything that the great prevaricator had to say. Sometimes, you could even get a good laugh.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named five new senators, giving the Tories control in both houses of Parliament and greater sway over the legislative agenda.

I met this fellow recently who was telling me all about America and all the advantages that Americans have in terms of democracy that are wanting in other countries.

Jail’s brutality begins with a vibe similar to after-school detention. Slowly you feel your life slipping away – tick tock, tick tock – as a mind-numbing boredom sets in.
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