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Linking drug use to al-Qaida: Stephen Harper has invited world leaders to a special session of this month's G8 summit on the 'destabilizing impact of drug trafficking and terrorist bases in the African region'.

For years, his seed catalogs were scrutinized by discerning cannabis cultivators across the U.S. and Canada, much like the ladies of Cumbria might fuss over Chiltern's inventories of sweet peas and heirloom tomatoes.

We knew sooner or later the day would finally come, but we were all stunned when we found out that Marc Emery would indeed be extradited to the United States by the Conservative government of Canada.

With her husband Marc in jail, Jodie Emery, a Green Party candidate in the next federal election, will inherit his cannabis empire.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Yesterday's YES vote on HB642 by the Alabama House Judiciary Committee was historic. It was the first time a medical marijuana bill has passed the first hurdle toward becoming law in the state of Alabama.

A few months ago, Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Price. I wonder if there is actually a method of rescinding the prize... I don't think Obama wants it.

Long the world's largest producer of opium, the raw ingredient of heroin, Afghanistan has now become the top supplier of cannabis, with large-scale cultivation in half of its provinces, the United Nations said on Wednesday.
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