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At a time when municipalities across Canada were fighting to restrict industrial-scale medical marijuana producers, Nanaimo did the opposite and has concluded in a new report the business has been good for both workers and city coffers.

POT TV - Sensible BC Director Dana Larsen speaking about marijuana decriminalization at the Nanaimo stop of his British Columbia tour on Dec 9, 2012. Larsen, a former BC NDP leadership candidate and co-founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine, is spearheading the Sensible BC ballot initiative campaign to effectively decriminalize cannabis possession in the province of British Columbia.

CANNABIS CULTURE - BC NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen is a pioneer of pot politics. He's the first political candidate from one of BC's two major provincial parties to call for the full legalization of marijuana. He's the first politician ever endorsed by legendary filmmaker Tommy Chong. And now he's the first mainstream candidate to campaign across British Columbia at marijuana dispensaries and head shops.
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