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This is a preview from Marc Emery’s autobiography, which he has been working on while in prison. The introductory chapter, called “The Prophecy”, is a strange but true story, seemingly foretelling Marc’s destiny when he was just 19 years old – even before he knew about marijuana.

City Lights, the London, Ontario bookstore formerly owned by imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery, has contributed hundreds of titles to a local prison book drive.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery visits City Lights Bookstore downtown London to say goodbye to friends before an expected prison sentence starting this fall.

1992 documentary that tells the pre-Hemp BC story of Marc"A dizzying chronicle of Marc's first 3 decades battling with police, feminists, censors, drug enforcement and Canada at large." Archivist June 23d, 2012: This film was originally broadcast in Real Media. This is a higher quality version of Christopher Doty's film.

.Despite police harassment and charges against them, these five brave merchants refuse to back down and are challenging the law.