420 Growing: 2017

POT TV – A look back at the longest-running 420 protest in the world, and how April 20th has grown into a day of action against the drug war.

Vancouver’s amazing 420 protest is 25 years old.

As the world’s first 420 protest, a day-long action of civil disobedience against the drug war on April 20th, Vancouver’s event has grown in size over the years. Hundreds of protesters turned into thousands, and the gathering has spawned other day-long demonstrations across Canada and around the world.

In 2017 protestors gathered at Sunset Beach.

Then and now, if peaceful, non-violent people aren’t free to protect, cultivate and celebrate a beautiful, spiritual plant medicine, they’re not truly free. You shouldn’t need a lottery to vend at a farmer’s market. Then and now, this is what legalization looks like.

Continued government raids, arrests, and takeovers are a reminder of the many continued injustices being fought this year.

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