From Under The Influence with Marijuana Man: Sex & Cannabis…Yes, Please!!!

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Today on the show: Sex & Cannabis…Yes, Please!!!

Marijuana Man is joined in studio by Al the Alchemist.

Mr Cookie is game ready with a jersey to prove it.

Where’s the money on the black market, legal market and open market?

It’s like Prohibition Plus when phase 3 private equity is dialed in.

Don’t get the Belleville Blues if you get stuck with sewer pipe weed. Day 67’s better than day 65.

Get individual with your plants, but don’t impose your conditions.

If you get lost in a cloud of terp fog, watch out for volatile organic compounds. Or get a filter.

What’s trepannin’, man?

What does a $100 gram look like?

How deep can you grow underground? The miners found out when they went digging for stock instead of rock and ended up in over their heads.

They gave me an “E.”

It’s mids and matrimony if you’re trying to go on a hitching spree.

The sex won’t arrive as long as there’s still handcuffs for flowers.