Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain

POT TV – Ralph Cantor gives a well-meaning but deeply flawed lecture on cannabis and the developing brain to the Mendocino County Public Health Department.

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Ralph’s right that cannabis, like all things, is neither good or bad and should be used with care. What Cantor misses is a deeper understanding of the plant, the people who use it, and our connection to drugs.

He spends the bulk of his lecture on ‘how cannabis works on the brain,’ but doesn’t once mention the endocannabinoid system, and misses the link between cannabis and breast milk, which may guide an understanding of ganja’s importance beyond dopeamine.

Ralph also mis-states the intake process of edible cannabis which does not ‘completely go into your brain.’ The rate of absorption varies from individual to individual and is greatly affected by the dosage and stage of digestion.

Why is talking to young people about cannabis so painful? Cannabis should never be painful.