Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Regulations and Tribulations

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Today on the show:

We discuss the new Federal and Provincial marijuana regulations with Dana Larsen and Neil Magnuson.

Carly Marley stops by the show to talk about our Dab Culture event on June 6 at the Cannabis Culture HQ Vapor Lounge (307 W Hastings) in Vancouver.

And: Comedy from Torontopia. What will government weed stores look like?

And: Hedge funds puffing smoke about their stash.

And: BC’s regulations, and joining the fight to fix them.

And: Driving laws, self-driving joints, and roadside Tolkien toking tests.

And: Kratom, and opiate substitution.

And: Cannabis day!

And: A new nail, and a swab test. Thanks, Thermodynamix!

And: Screaming for ice cream.

And: Marilyn Gladu‘s heady style.

And: High Score, and a high jump.

And: Finding Fred.

And: Getting High in 1975.