Getting High In 1975

POT TV – High 1975 takes a look back at when the CBC got baked.

A police officer on horseback grabbed a pregnant woman by the hair and dragged her through the street. After the Grasstown Riot of 1971, the overtly cruel and racist war on drugs was impossible to hide from Canadians.

In 1975, a few years after the LeDain commission recommended dropping all criminal penalties for cannabis possession, CBC’s Newsmagazine put cannabis to the test. 5 volunteers drank alcohol. 5 volunteers smoked cannabis. The CBC filmed the results.

Despite a persistent edge of reefer madness, where the list of cannabis’ side effects falsely included “chromosome damage,” the CBC’s test televised a somewhat truthful examination of cannabis use. It became clear prohibition had been based on lies since it began.

High 1975 splices the original CBC report, footage of the Grasstown riot, commercials of the audience’s era, and a protest outside Caligula to highlight the absurdly slow pace of change.

Why has it taken decades to even begin to properly address a clearly unjust law that punishes peaceful, non-violent people and medical patients?