CBS: University Fires Baseball Coach For Marijuana Email

POT TV – CBS DFW reports on a university coach fired for discriminating against students from a ‘pot friendly’ state.

A Texas football coach was fired over an e-mail exchange criticizing Colorado athletes’ ability to pass drug tests, effectively blacklisting the state’s students. The coach, Mike Jeffcoat, told a Colorado recruit athletes from his state have had problems passing drug tests.

However he later told the Star Telegram, “In 17 years, I’ve never had a high school player come down from the state of Colorado.” Later adding, “From my life experiences, and my personal life, and as the baseball coach at Texas Wesleyan, when it has hurt out team because some people in the past have failed a drug test, it’s disappointing. I don’t believe it is going to improve the quality of life in our society, legalizing another mind-altering drug.”

Jeffcoat didn’t mention marijuana’s positive effects on both cognition and physical health, championed by basketball players, MMA practitioners and snowboarders, among other athletes.