MP Wayne Stetski Demands Access For Cannabis Farmers

POT TV – MP Wayne Stetski addressed parliament demanding fair licensing for small-scale cannabis growers and all Canadians.

The Liberal Party promise was legalization, protecting Canadians from bad black market actors. However the closer we get to their hazy date, one thing is clear: Legalization is only for the rich, and ‘the black market’ is the rest of us.

The current legal licenses for commercial sale of cannabis in Canada is dominated by massive money. “The average market cap is C$983mm, while the median is C$287mm, with 5 companies valued in excess of C$1.9 billion.” The few licenses available are being swallowed, a trend expected to continue.

Even if Health Canada awarded 10x the current number of licenses, it would be far too few to accommodate the current industry. MP Wayne Stetski, his constituents, and average Canadians want real legalization, not the corporate takeovers that have plagued other nations.