Military Spending $170,000 on Cannabis Simulator

POT TV – The Canadian Military is spending $170,000 on a cannabis simulation.

After endlessly throwing soldiers into the opium-poppy producing giant, Afghanistan, and needing hemp to win the second world war, the Canadian military is taking its riskiest liberty with soldiers’ lives and plants, intense narcotic training. For a $170,000, the Canadian Military wants you to show them what it’s like to smoke pot without actually smoking pot.

The military’s preferred option is remarkably similar to the “amazing technology” of a $2,700 kit containing goggles, balls, light-up pens, puzzles and a weird driving simulator, though they haven’t settled yet on how to not get anyone high.

Other tests on military personnel, more dangerous than recreational pot, have included physical exercise, torture and cutting veterans’ access to medical cannabis and support, then opening your own cannabis company.