CTV News: More Than Pardons Needed For Cannabis Charges

POT TV – Pardons are a puff for pot prison payment.

When the Canadian government enacts its ‘legalization’ bill for cannabis, C45/C46, it will be with an acknowledgement. Stated or not, the clear fact cannabis prohibition was entirely wrong must be reconciled. Since the mid 1930s the government has willfully hampered medical access and commerce under the guise of law and order, taking businesses, seizing property, and locking up the peaceful.

As cannabis’ health benefits far outweigh any symptoms of improper or over-use, and legal industries are a clear public-good, other governments around the world have already begun implementing forms of reparation and regulation to ensure those who protected the plant at the gunpoint of the state aren’t left without industry, or punished for a non-crime.

CTV News spoke to Dana Larsen, arrested for giving away seeds, about what true legalization means.

For more with Dana, the 420 Lifestyle Show recently spoke to him about cannabis convictions.