A&E’s Live PD: Weed Eater

POT TV – A bite of pot turns into a felony charge for one peaceful man in a decriminalized state (up to 200g).

Police agencies continue to fight mandatory body cameras and their footage, but seem all too happy to violate the rights of peaceful people on video, as long as they get a monologue, and it’s on cable.

After the standard ‘ride along’ shot, an officer arrests a man for cannabis, then displays a puzzling ignorance of the substance he’s required to regulate. The man, who claims he was coming home from an overtime shift, is arrested for eating cannabis, and the cop comically asks, “Do you feel you need to be checked out by an ambulance right now?”

The arresting officers, so unfamiliar with cannabis’ effects, continue to say “My concern is … you’re going to start seizing up, or doing something crazy …”

While eating cannabis can have different, stronger-seeming properties than smoked flower, “something crazy” isn’t usually a side effect, seizures seem to be reduced by marijuana.

Possession of marijuana, up to 200g, has been decriminalized in Ohio since 1975.