Movie Review – High Relief (2017)

POT TV – High Relief rolls Florida’s move into medical cannabis.

Title: High Relief
Year: 2017
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Director: Jenny Toledo (Card), Frank A. Hernandez (Listed)

High Relief, a feature length documentary about Florida’s 2014 Amendment 2 failure, serves as a smooth, well directed example of how much can change in two years.

Now that Amendment 2’s 2016 iteration has passed, and access to medical marijuana is easier in the state, by what the film calls “a landslide,” High Relief’s strengths are in contrast to current events, which unfortunately aren’t featured much in the film. However what’s lacking in research and contextual narrative is made up for in sincere testimonials, and overall polish.

Stylish, with well paced editing and well shaped graphics, High Relief is an excellent time capsule of Florida’s struggle to shake prohibition rhetoric, and features many passionate and articulate voices. The lack of a driving narrative structure or contemporary contrast will kill High Relief’s couch lock before the end, but those new to cannabis, near Florida, or passionate about social change will certainly be buzzing.