AM640 – Dispensary Raids and Cannabis Arrests with Jodie Emery

POT TV – Dispensary raids and cannabis arrests with Jodie Emery on AM640

Jodie Emery recently spoke to Supriya Dwivedi on AM640 about the continued cannabis arrests leading up to the Liberal government’s proposed legalization. There have been more than 220 dispensary raids since Trudeau took office, over 30,000 possession arrests, and less than 4% of cannabis producer licenses have been accepted by Health Canada.

By fanning prohibitionist rhetoric, and carving the market into licit and illicit segments, the government is using police to protect the market share of licensed producers who are cashing in on medical cannabis, and attempting the creation of cannabis cartels to block independent producers who have existed peacefully for decades.

Interview date: August 1rst, 2017.

Justin’s father also used his position to escape potential cannabis charges.