Highlights from the 2017 Cannabis Life Conference in Vancouver

POT TV – Highlights from the 2017 Cannabis Life Conference in Vancouver.

As the deadline for submissions to the Canadian House of Commons’ committee on the Cannabis Act nears, and interest in cannabis is expanding, the importance of small producers, independent dispensaries and amnesty for drug war victims is more clear than ever.

Whether it was Dana Larsen‘s history of cannabis in Canada, Freddie Pritchard‘s defense of small producers, Jodie Emery‘s call for justice, or the panel on the importance of dispensaries, the 2017 Cannabis Life Conference speakers hall was packed with information. Many speakers and exhibitors were open and engaging off the convention floor, taking additional questions and sharing their work.

Included speakers and exhibitors:
Dana Larsen, Freddie Pritchard, Jodie Emery, Jeremiah Vandermeer and David Somers.

For full coverage of the event, the Cannabis Life Network caught both days‘ speakers and additional interviews on July 7th and 8th.