Hash Church CXLVII Episode 147

POT TV – New buds on episode 147 of Hash Church.

After clearing the smoke on false hope, the discussion turns to symptom management and palliative issues. Suppositories are handled with care, and the need for physician education is explored. Cannabis specialization  separation, the need for the expansion and inclusion of craft cannabis, pediatric use, hemp as animal feed, oil infusions, opiate substitution, cannabis and pregnancy, sexuality and sexual health, and much more grows on Hash Church episode 147.

Guests include Dr. Natasha Ryz Natasha, Hilary Black, Dr. Marcia Gillman, Sarah Russo, Selena Wong, Wendy Turner, Anndrea Hermann, Rosy Mondin, Nishi Whiteley, Natasha Raey, Amanda Siebert, Erin Prosk, Dr. Amanda Reiman, PhD, Dr. Adie Poe, PhD, and Jenna Valleriani.