Exclusive Interview with ‘NJ Weedman’ Ed Forchion From Behind Bars

POT TV – New Jersey cannabis activist Ed Forchion, the NJ Weedman, speaks from behind bars.

Chasing News grabbed an exclusive interview with longtime cannabis activist Ed Forchion, following an attempt by New Jersey prosecutors to charge the ‘NJ Weedman’ with witness tampering.

Having successfully fought for cannabis access in New Jersey, despite the governor’s hard approach to prohibition, Forchion was charged with witness tampering after identifying a police informant Ed claims was gathering evidence on free-speech and cannabis activists. Forchion is currently being held without bail, often pleading his own case..

Fighting potentially fatal health issues, which he treats with medical cannabis, New Jersey’s ‘Weedman’ is currently on hunger strike, awaiting his chance to plead his case to a jury.