THC Infused Peppermint Chocolates

POT TV – YUM! These cannabis infused peppermint chocolates are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. These are so easy to make and are a great gift idea! Full instructions below.

Dosage is medium strength.

Using a double boiler on low/medium heat melt 16oz of white chocolate chips. Slowly add 2tsp peppermint or mint extract when chocolate is mostly melted.

Once combined, melt in 3/4g of clear (distilled THC) slowly.

Make sure the cannabis extracts are fully melted and evenly mixed throughout the chocolate.

Carefully scoop melted chocolate into silicone mold or ice cube tray. The silicone allows you to easily remove chocolates after setting. Find the mold use for this video here.

Garnish with sprinkles.

Freeze chocolates until completely set (approx. 1hr)

Remove from mold and serve! Makes a great present for Kushmas.