Expert Joints LIVE: Season Finale – Best Buds

POT TV – Join Craig Ex aka ‘The Expert of EXPERT JOINTS’ and Stormy Ent, Thursdays at 4:20pmPT from the Pot TV studio at the world famous Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters for our weekly weed webcast!

Join us as we celebrate our season finale at the Cannabis Culture Vapor Lounge, with a who’s who of our favourite guests from our first 51 episodes, including: Aimee Shuman, Al The Alchemist, Benzosa, Brandon Bell, Bre Fischer, Carly Marley, Checkmate, Creed Taylor, Doobie of Status Krew, Dori Demptser, Ethical Elevationz, Glacial Gold, Greg ‘Marijuana Man’ Williams, Heatwave, Jamie Shaw, Atomic & Jamn of The Social Revolution, Jelleestone, Jeremiah Vandermeer, Jodie Emery, John Berfelo, Kush Queen, Marc Emery, Mark Broderick, Mike of Miss Envy, Ming, Miz D, Diana of Mota Cannabis Products, Neph, Neil Magnuson, Nukem, Opus 420, Philip of Weedmeme, Psypher Rabbit, Sarah Sunday, Shatterbeard, Thompson Caribou Concentrates, Tee Krispil, Terry Roycroft, Tim McBride, Todd Hancock, Young Stitch and MORE!!! We’ll even try to fit in some news and a few updates; so toke up and tune in to our last Expert Joints LIVE! of the year!

Original air date – August 4, 2016

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