Expert Joints LIVE: Temple Of Boom

POT TV – Join Pot TV’s Craig Ex aka The Expert of EXPERT JOINTS Thursdays at 4:20PM PT from the Pot TV studio at the world famous Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters for our weekly weed webcast!

This episode features the co-host of Pot Tv’s Wednesday show “From Under The Seed Desk”, Al the Alchemist!

He’ll be stopping by to chat with us about FUTSD and Temple of Calyx; as well as ToC’s involvement with Eden Medicinal Society’s Westcoast Smokers Bowl on April 17th, 2016 (featuring a two hour DJ set by Snoop Dogg) at Fortune Sound Club! Plus, we’ll smoke some Temple of Calyx weed, have a bunch of news stories, plenty of updates, and so much more… Including Neil Magnuson and the 420 Vancouver team rolling more joints with Pure Hemp and Smoking papers; and an update on the fast approaching event. Be sure to toke up and tune in!

Original air date – April 7, 2016

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