Johnny B: How To Make Your Dry Sift into Full Melt Hash

POT TV – Johnny B shows you how to make your dry sift hash melt.

The temperature has been dropping so out come the dry-sifting screens for the fall.

I have been doing a little sifting, and cleaning over the past few years and in this video I make the best dry sift to date, and it wins first place at the Canadian Concentrate Open Finale!

This is how I get full melt, water dripping resin from a few screens a shaving brush, some parchment paper and a DVD.

The cleanest and the best way to get pure cannabis solventless extracts at home, safe and easy is with a few screens.

How to make Full Melt Hash 🙂

For more on Dry Sifting check out Bubbleman’s World and D420K, the dry sift general ..

Puff and Pass. Sift In Peace 🙂