Opus Presents The 420 Lifestyle: Buds and Bacon

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This week on The 420 Lifestyle Show it’s ‘Buds and Bacon’ a super episode as we continue with our coverage of the 42nd general election, we have a special guest lined up, the ‘Countdown Calendar’ is back, looking forward to legalization and bacon, because everything is better with bacon, we also still give away marijuana, and we have a surprise announcement.

Tune in Monday August 10th from 4 – 6 pm on or drop in to watch LIVE at the Cannabis Culture Lounge 307 West Hastings St.

Brought to you by Three Happy Cats your Purrrfect Provider with Carly Marley, Mae Moon, Jade Ridge Kitten Puff, Jeremiah Vandermeer and your host Opus Fourtwenty.

buds and bacon


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