Rosin Tech: Making Fresh Frosin

POT TV – This is how I make frosin: fresh frozen rosin tech. It’s a bubble hash extraction which is then steamed into a hash oil. Organic 100% clean cannabis medicine.

Mike came by and showed me his honey oil so I decided to show him how to make a solventless hash oil, after we found out about the China Concentrate Container’s – WOW!

It is key to learn this method and learn about different temps: 120-220 for pressing wet bubble hash and finding your perfect temp.

Remember moisture cause molding and do not leave to much water in your frosin. I use mine over 3 days.

This run was 140 degrees for 20 seconds, light pressing between parchment paper till you see the resin oozing out the edge then I press on it for another 3-5 seconds.

Press is Peace.

fresh frosin