Koch-Tied Group Tries to Trick Stoners Into Voting for Wisconsin Libertarian

The Koch-backed American Future Fund is running a series of web-only ads urging Wisconsin stoners not to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, but instead to support the Libertarian Party candidate, Robert Burke.

The nine ads are silent on the candidate that has received millions in outside support from the Koch network, Scott Walker. The American Future Fund has run ads supporting Walker in past elections.

The ads feature caricatures of potheads urging viewers to “get Burke, get blazed,” and to “light it up, take a puff, and vote for Robert Burke.”

“It’s time to clear the air about who will legalize marijuana in Wisconsin,” a stoner says in one ad, as she waves away what is presumably pot smoke. “It’s not Mary Burke.”

Both Mary Burke and Robert Burke ripped AFF’s latest campaign as a cynical, last-minute effort to peel off the Democratic candidate’s supporters in a race that is likely to be exceptionally tight. Mary Burke supports medical marijuana (which AFF does not mention) but has not called for its full legalization. Walker opposes marijuana for medical or recreational uses, repeating the discredited claim that pot is a “gateway drug,” and in recent months has called for drug testing for public aid recipients.

In the last election cycle, AFF received at least 92 percent of its funding from two conduits for Koch network funding, the Center to Protect Patient Rights (which gave AFF $49.2 million) and Freedom Partners (which gave $13.6 million). Both groups are led by Koch operatives.

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