Bahamas Group ‘Medicannabah’ Formed to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Thank you for this opportunity to announce the formation of Medicannabah – Bahamians for the legalisation of medical cannabis.

We also take this opportunity to encourage Bahamians to apply to the Minister of Health for authorisation to possess cannabis for medical and other purposes. The Dangerous Drugs Act makes provisions for it.

Further, we call on the current Minister of Health, whom we believe appreciates the efficacy of medical cannabis, to help smooth the way for qualified Bahamians to access medical cannabis.

Too, we ask the government to decriminalise general cannabis possession up to certain amounts, and remove simple possession of cannabis convictions from the so-called criminal records of Bahamians.

Let’s take off the blinders though. Cannabis is used medically in the Bahamas already, oftentimes recommended, reportedly, by physicians to assist in anything from appetite building to coping with arthritis pain.

– Read the entire article in Tribune 242.