Testimony Offers Details in Aaron Sandusky Medical Marijuana Trial

Prosecutors offered a sizable array of evidence Wednesday in the medical-marijuana trial of Aaron Sandusky, former operator of dispensaries in Upland, Colton and Moreno Valley.

Friends and former co-workers were among the eight witnesses called to testify about the growing, storage and sales of marijuana for the three G3 locations.

Afterward, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Robinson rested his case.

Sandusky, who also had a warehouse in Ontario, is facing six counts of drug trafficking, which can carry a sentence of 10 years to life in prison.

In addition to G3 co-founder John Leslie Nuckolls II and warehouse worker Richard Irwin Kirchnavy, DEA special agents and sheriff’s deputies testified for the government.

“One warehouse, three retail stores and over 1,000 marijuana plants – evidence for a reason why the defendant is guilty as charged,” said Robinson, during opening statements Tuesday, which outlined an alleged conspiracy among Sandusky and other defendants to cultivate and sell marijuana through the cooperatives.

Sandusky and five others affiliated with G3 were arrested and indicted in June on federal drug-trafficking charges as well as conspiracy to manufacture and possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

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  1. Capital G on

    Can anyone say “railroaded”…co-founder, but not co-defendant…something wrong there, maybe saving their own skin…maybe there is something in the details that I am missing of course, but I thought that the growers/collectives(conspiracy?) sell it to the dispensaries, which then dispense it to those that require it, at a reasonable(hope so) price. I do not know if someone was trying to get profits outside this relationship, but I would imagine that the government sheep would like it to appear this way. I guess if Mr. Sandusky were a Wall Street type and conspired to fill his pockets(and govt officials of course), and ruin,possibly end(because of despair)he would probably be collecting a juicy bonus these days…the sickening disparities of society. Curse you Anslinger and all of the sheep in your pasture.

  2. Capital G on

    should have previewed I guess–‘…possibly end LIVES (because…’–sorry bout that

  3. Capital G on

    should have previewed I guess–‘…possibly end LIVES (because…’–sorry bout that