Chris Williams Challenges Montana Medical Marijuana Raids as Trial Begins

A former medical marijuana provider scheduled to stand trial Monday over last year’s federal crackdown will not be allowed to claim that government officials entrapped him by making statements that led him to believe he would not be prosecuted.

Jurors will also be told to ignore any mention of Montana’s medical marijuana law. U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen’s jury instructions say state laws are irrelevant to the federal charges against Chris Williams, a co-owner of the now-defunct Montana Cannabis.

The bans are a blow to Williams, who is charged with multiple drug manufacturing, trafficking and weapons counts. He is the only medical marijuana provider to stand trial among the dozens whose businesses, houses and warehouses were raided in the March 2011 crackdown of the state’s large pot operators.

“You must disregard any statements or argument about the defendant or others purporting to comply or not to comply with state laws concerning marijuana,” Christensen’s jury instructions read.

Williams had planned to subpoena several journalists about statements from Attorney General Eric Holder and other government officials that made Williams believe he would not be prosecuted under federal law for selling medical marijuana.

Christensen rejected those planned subpoenas in an order Friday and said Williams could not claim Holder and the others entrapped him because “he was not directly induced by government agents to manufacture or distribute marijuana.”

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  1. Dave on

    With all the resources of the federal government at their disposal to use against a lone citizen why do they have to play dirty pool to boot? The only thing I can see here is that bullies really don’t like it when you try to defend yourself!

  2. Swazi-X on

    This is another nail in the coffin of Federal Prohibition. The unfairness of this, the obvious abuse of the powers the feds have to suppress any change in cannabis law no matter how many citizens demand it and no matter how strong the science is that says we need it for basic health, is perverted.

    Remember which local Montana elected officials started this – every stinking one of them – and boot their sorry a*ses out of office asap.