From Under the Influence with Marijuana Man: Throwing Down the Octo-Gauntlet of Ganja (Again)

POT TV – Get high and talk pot with with Marijuana Man and Al the Alchemist LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Influence. Today: We throw down the Octo-Gauntlet of Ganja with no less than 8 strains of the finest cannabis.

Also on the show: The top 8 reasons why Pot TV Toronto is full of hot air, but not cannabis smoke!

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Grab a joint and join the chat.

In his weekly show From Under the Influence, Greg Williams (also known as Marijuana Man), manager of the Pot TV Network and one of Prince of Pot Marc Emery’s co-accused in his international seed-selling case, talks directly with viewers about marijuana, hemp, the drug war, pot politics and anything else he wants to discuss.

Marijuana Man is joined by growing expert Al the Alchemist for the broadcast LIVE every Wednesday from the Pot TV studios in Vansterdam. Cannabis Culture editors Jeremiah Vandermeer and Marius Soska take your questions in the Livestream chatroom.

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  1. Anonymous on

    as far as i am aware the author of the video is able to download the recordings so you guys should back up the show once it has finished and upload it to so that livestream doesn’t delete it, your shows are going missing far too often.

  2. Anonymous on

    I am afraid that the stoners don’t learn too fast, bless their heads.

  3. Anonymous on

    sooooo,… where was this octo-gauntlet that was so talked about?

  4. Anonymous on

    You may get as high from smoking bud as hash or oil but you’re breathing in a lot more carbon, unless you vaporize. Carbon is what causes emphysema so you want to smoke as little as possible. I personally can’t get as high from bud. It’s mostly just the amount of smoke I have to breathe with buds that drives me to the hash though. Oil is actually a little too concentrated for my taste. Kind of hard on the lungs. Hash is just about right.