From Under the Influence with Marijuana Man: Getting Baked in B.C. with Birthday Buds

CANNABIS CULTURE – Get high and talk pot with with Marijuana Man and friends LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Influence. Today on the show: Marijuana Man and Al the Alchemist will be smoking some Birthday Buds with the Baked in B.C. girls.

Yes! The Baked in B.C. girls will be in studio!

Grab a joint and join the chat.

In his weekly show From Under the Influence, Greg Williams (also known as Marijuana Man), editor of the Pot TV Network and one of Prince of Pot Marc Emery’s co-accused in his international seed-selling case, talks directly with viewers about marijuana, hemp, the drug war, pot politics and anything else he wants to discuss.

Marijuana Man is joined by growing expert Al the Alchemist for the broadcast LIVE every Wednesday from the Pot TV studios in Vansterdam. Cannabis Culture editors Jeremiah Vandermeer and Marius Soska take your questions in the Livestream chatroom.

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  1. Anonymous on

    How can you guys smoke crude herb all the time? Firstly, it’s weak as hell and secondly you have to inhale huge amounts of smoke. Have you heard that hash exists? I can only get high off bud for maybe the first 2-3 days after an abstinence. After that it’s pretty much useless. Besides, who wants to smoke all the pyridine, which is the chemical which gives vegetation smoke it’s pungent stink, and all those other vegetation combustion products. If I smoke a joint the whole room gets filled with smoke. If I smoke a little hash, barely noticeable.

    If your goal is medication of a medical condition then you are short changing yourself by smoking crude herb. You need concentrated medicine. Would you use opium pods if you had opium gum? No, it would be insane. Same thing with Cannabis. Buds are not a usable product. They are what a usable product is made from. The resin is the usable product.

    I’m actually concerned for your health, taking that pathetically weak medication. You can legally possess and use hash now as a medical patient, after the BC Supreme Court decision about dried marijuana. Test it out by stoking up a bowl on the show. You can use it to educate people on how to effectively medicate instead of pointlessly stinking up their home and killing themself from excessive smoke inhalation.