The Return of The Grow Show with Marijuana Man

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana Man returns to Pot-TV with a new double episode of The Grow Show, where he brings viewers up to date on events since his last show and discusses his fight with US authorities as one of activist Marc Emery’s co-accused.

Marijuana Man, also known as Greg Williams, was one of the BC3, the employees of Marc Emery Direct Seeds accused of selling marijuana seeds to US citizens over the Internet. Watch his latest two-part video where he explains where he’s been and what’s been happening all this time, and regales viewers with tales of the DEA, US courts and his battle with extradition.

Be sure to visit and write a letter to Marc and find out how you can write to your politicians.

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Peace and Pot!

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  1. Covey on

    Nice to see you back.
    Used to watch your shows on Peal Player, Remember those days.
    Take care of yourself, Bass You and Thank You for sharing.

  2. Anonymous on

    Really need you to make more great informative shows. Now is the time as Jeremiahs Ustream show was a start and you can easily keep an audience. Great work! Free Marc .

  3. Anonymous on

    These videos can not be watched in europe/germany because they contain sony-content 🙁

  4. foam on

    and finally hear about the ordealc-We know you couldn’t talk while in the thick of things. That was fucking heavy. Whew glad it’s over for you anyway.

    Who is the guitarist? Gary Moore RIP? Thought Gilmour at first but not his voice..

    Again Great to see you!!

  5. Chris on

    Nice to see you back on the web. Buds is welcome on screen too. Nice to see you didn’t just push him off screen.

  6. Jon on

    I believe it’s Alvin Lee