‘Cruel’ Tweet angers Marc Emery’s wife

Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian PressJonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former communications director made a “cruel and disgusting” comment about her husband and should apologize, said the wife of B.C.’s “Prince of Pot” yesterday. Kory Teneycke, now a vice-president with Quebecor Media, tweeted on May 14 that he hopes “Marc Emery enjoys group showers as much as he enjoys pot. Three cheers for the DEA.”

“It’s a common perception that prison rape happens in ‘group showers,’” said Jodie Emery. “I’m shocked and disgusted by it. I’d like Mr. Teneycke to say he’s sorry for wishing that.”

She added that she wants Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to approve her husband’s request for a transfer to a Canadian prison immediately.

Marc Emery pleaded guilty in December 2009 to charges relating to his marijuana seed-selling business. He was extradited to the United States on May 20, and awaits his sentencing in Seattle Federal Court on Sept. 10.

Attempts to reach Teneycke yesterday were unsuccessful.

– Article from Metro News

Click here to read more on Jodie Emery’s initial press release
about the comments made by Conservative spokesperson Teneycke



  1. Anonymous on

    I can only speak for myself.

    I am undecided on what is the correct iniative and or route of action regarding Cannabis, It’s Legality, And or the other related facets.

    Yet I can say that these comments are not only disheartening, they are disturbing.

    We all need to be a bit more mature about the situation and the various philosophies, ideologies, and moral/ethical standpoints of each other.

    Yet making light of rape (be it male or female) is absolutely abhorrent.

    Forgive me for any language and or grammatical/spelling mistakes.

    I will be writing the Prime Minister about this, not as a cannabis activist but as a person.

    (I hope everything goes well for your Jodie and I am sorry that your husband is in such a hard and horrible place; My deepest thoughts and well wishes).

  2. Anonymous on

    Do not buy the Toronto Sun or any of Quebecor media publications. E-mail them to express your displeasure at this ignorant moron. I did.

  3. Anonymous on

    Very commonly individuals like Rush Limbaugh and Kory Teneycke are thought of as fools and close minded hate mongers.

    What if one of their comments was to end them up in Jail and someone posted a “rape” innuendo which came to the attention of their wife and family.

    Imagine the anger and the heartbreak they would feel.

    This type of comment is so reminicist of elementary retaliation that it is scary.

    It is even scarier that one can make a career as a mature man out of these line(s) of comments. Most of us would never dare put this in writing as we know we could loose our jobs and careers over it.

    It really shows that here in Canada we are on a slope downwards. Into becoming who knows what.

    I am not a cannabis activist, just a really worried citizen.

    Jodie I am so sorry

  4. ray christl THC ministry ASIA on

    to get his brain retored to health and possible LOVE.This is the best technique from Vanny posse.This can gain immense pathos.Jodie goes media national to get apology.Call All clergy in Canada.

  5. Dale allo on

    I wish pain and suffering on stephen harper.

  6. Stu on

    This goes to show what kind of people are “helping the country”, putting innocent good hearted people in jail like mark, they can laugh and joke about us all they want but what goes around comes around….. peace and love to all of you trying your best to free mark and get your human rights back, jodie your husband is a leader and a strong one you stay strong aswell :)great respect, Stu x

  7. Paddy on

    The man’s a disgrace. Why did you elect him Canada?