Ronald Reagan Grandson Wanted on Pot Charge

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan’s grandson for failing to answer a charge of marijuana possession.

Cameron Reagan – the son of radio and TV personality Michael Reagan – was pulled over for speeding in Malibu, California in November 2009, and officers allegedly found the drug while searching his car.

The 31-year-old was ordered to court to face a charge of possessing drugs on January 8, but didn’t turn up at the hearing.

The court date came one day after Reagan was charged with resisting arrest after allegedly hurling drunken obscenities at cops who called at his parents’ California home when the burglar alarm was activated.

A judge presiding over the hearing into the marijuana possession charge has now issued a warrant for Reagan’s arrest.

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  1. slade420 on

    LOL funniest news story ever! doesnt he remember grandma saying just say No to drugs? Send the DEA after him.

  2. Samson on

    WOW!!! Seems like the Unjust policies Reagan sent out into America/the world have come back to his OWN doorstep to wage war……..there’s a certain poetry to it. Although; his Grandson did seem like some one who DEFINITELY can not handle his sh!t………..

  3. Anonymous on

    He will get off. He is the grandson of a former president. It would be funny if charges stuck tho. Unfortunately nothing will ever change. FUCK USA and their Presidents. I would like to see the USA fall. HARD.

  4. moldy on

    This is just utterly precious that Reagan’s grandson got snarled up in very same trap that Granny Nancy set for him. Hahahahaha

  5. Anonymous on

    So much for the Reagan’s drug war poor Nancy all those efforts wasted…

  6. scott on

    Hahaha this is awesome! If this fucker gets off……..We seriously need to riot. I don’t watch the msm but they’d better be talking about this shit. The irony is like fuel to the legalization fire!

  7. Anonymous on

    I thought for MJ possession in CA you got a ticket.

  8. Daniel on

    That’s those Reagan family values. Break into your parents house and pick a fight with a cop the day before your court date for speeding with dope on you. That’s winning one for the Gipper!