Nall Campaign Catching Fire

All of the following links are either the news articles or the videos of this weeks campaign coverage.
Pass it on.

Loretta Nall’s campaign for Governor of Alabama is really catching fire and the media has been hot on the story for the last week.

On Saturday, April 8, Nall received the Libertarian Party nomination to run for Governor of Alabama.
On April 10, Nall went back to court.
On April 11 she held a news conference on the Capitol steps which was covered by WAKA Channel 8, For The Record,Alabama Public Radio and The Montgomery Advertiser.

Just yesterday on April 13 Nall was invited to be a guest on WAKA’s Talk Back where she took live questions on the 5 O’Clock News.
Today there is an awesome Editorial in the Wetumpka Herald about her broad appeal to voters of all stripes.