The US Marijuana Party: Seattle Hempfest 2005

This show covers the 2005 Seatle Hempfest. Watch the shoutouts of goodwill and support to Marc Emery, speeches from, Dominic Holden of Sensible Seattle, Tony Bowles of the California Marijuana Party, Loretta Nall of the United States Marijuana Party with a surprise address from Marc Emery via cell phone.

Loretta still needs your help. She is about to launch her gubernatorial campaign in Alabama by walking across the state starting in October of this year.
She needs as many Americans as possible to pledge $1 per mile that she walks. Just 1000 people would be enough for a MAGNIFICENT start.

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When the drug war fails in a place like Alabama then you know that our work is having an unprecedented effect for the betterment of the entire world.

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