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Here are affidavits in my case against the Government of Canada regarding their rejection of my request for a religious exemption to grow and possess cannabis, as well as some of the Crown's affidavit's against the Church of the Universe Mission G13, including the crown's expert witness a Catholic Priest who calls the Church of the Universe a "parody" religion. Both, myself and Prof. Carl Ruck will be acting as expert witnesses for the defense.

The debate with continues over the identity of the Hebrew term Keneh bosem with cannabis. References in Part 2 address the inevitable question, “If cannabis played such an important role in the Hebrew religion, how did it come to disappear?”

My lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, and I have been preparing for a Nov. 3 appearance in Federal Canadian court regarding our religious challenge for a cannabis exemption. Below are documents prepared from Professors, two of whom are slated to appear as expert witnesses in the case:

On the one hand, marijuana is practically legal—more mainstream, accessorized, and taken for granted than ever before. On the other, kids are getting busted in the city in record numbers. Guess which kids.
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