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The U.S. should stop arresting responsible marijuana users, Rep. Barney Frank said Wednesday, announcing a proposal to end federal penalties for Americans carrying fewer than 100 grams, almost a quarter-pound, of the substance. Rep. Barney Frank's bill would radically curb federal penalties for personal marijuana use.

POT TV – NME‘s panel on legalizing cannabis in the UK, featuring Damian Marley, Professor Green, Doctor Frank, MP Norman Lamb and Kate Rothwell.

Moreover the riches of the earth are for all ... - Ecclesiastes 5:9, the Peshitta (Aramaic Bible), circa 2nd century BCE That we may work in righteousness, and lay the Foundation of making the Earth a Common Treasury for All, both Rich and Poor ... - Gerrard Winstanley, The True Levellers Standard Advanced, April 20, 1649 There is a debate in the cannabis activist community.

If you haven’t heard of marijuana activist and grower Mik Mann he’s the articulate hippie that looks like Frank Zappa we interviewed for our doc B.C. Bud. He lives out in Port Alberni, a pretty remote town on Vancouver Island where he grows medicinal weed out of the comfort of his basement garden.
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