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Legal marijuana sales began in Colorado on January 1, and now, just a few months in, Denver already appears to be well-placed to claim the title of America's cannabis capital.

"I've been studying marijuana professionally for eight years now and have read more reports, studies, and data than most of you put together." – Russ Belville, Sept. 26 at 10:20am, Facebook CANNABIS CULTURE - I am saddened when pot activists do sloppy research and hold it out to the public as the truth. I am even more saddened when it takes the form of an attack on other pot activists.

POT TV - High Times Editor Dan Skye talks to Pot TV Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer about the security crackdown at the 26th High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Pot TV's High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Tour sponsored by The Sublimator - Beyond Vaporization Watch more video from the 26th High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.
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