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CANNABIS CULTURE - The most political Beatle sang for freedom from marijuana law repression and was targeted by the U.S. government for deportation, ostensibly over pot busts in England.

This is what a medical-marijuana class looks like. Twenty-five or so students — men, women, young, middle-aged — listen attentively as an instructor holds up a leafy green plant and runs down the list of nutrients it needs.

April 20 is "National Pot Smoking Day." It's a day where people across the world celebrate in the conspicuous consumption of the magical herb, marijuana. It's an unofficial counterculture holiday that is based on the simple concept of smoking some cannabis and being happy.

Sex and drugs with a phreaky puffing pussPuffing clips from "Fritz the Cat" ('72 - by Steve Krantz and Ralph Bakshi) and "Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat" ('74 -Steve but no Ralph). Based on a character created by Robert Crumb. Rude, naughty, hedonistic & totally disrespectful towards the authorities. Special thanks to "Bud-E" for snagging this one (and Southpark and other shows, too)About Fritz: Crumb: