Learn the secrets of water-hash from the Master Bubble-Man, producer of the Bubble-Bag. Turn your bud or shake into the highest potency hash on the planet! Bubblebags available at BCMP bookstore

Own a copy of this informative masterpiece and support the cause by ordering it through the Marijuana Party Bookstore at (604)682-1172, 307 W.Hastings St. Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1H6. Or try www.dopefiends.com
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Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3


This is the best footage of its kind I have ever seen. Thanks pot-tv!!!

I would like to thank all the people at pot tv and especially george for all their great work on this . Peace

ZIGGY!, Welcome back! What a terrific, long awaited documentary. Tripper (aka bubbleman), many thanks for putting that together for us. Helluva entrepeneur.

ha good stuff Bubblemania i know that's not ur name but hash is taking the world an ppl are finding out more an more an wanting to make it great show 2 | | up

Wow, Pot-TV's first Infomercial! Great information, however. I should probably get a set of the 6 bag. 8-)

Pot t.v. kicks ass! It is informative but the picture and camera work is a little shaky. I'M not knockin ya cause this shit rocks but maybye an improvement could be made. Keep up the good work and remember good buds never die they just get you high!!

good ORGANIC hash, yummy, and i had my copy of the tricome (pics) book in '76 (+/-) from telegraph ave in berzerkley. cal

POT TV is on top of it ! You guys hit the point of my interest, you got under my skin, I was glued tight! Simple, yet so deep with juicy details. Let's see one about the washing machine next?! A good reporter brings the reader to kind stash! Bubble up!

thanks for the superlatives, boys!

I Love you guys !! Keep up the good work.

well all those hours of trimming and throwing it away,man your a legend now instead of throwing my trim away im getting A grade hash wow well im stoked cant wait too get bubbled peace keep up the good work!!!!

Pot-tv is now officially a real tv staion. Infomercials! The best freakin infomercial i have ever seen.

Excellent video. Nothing more needs to be said. I just have to save my pennies and order a bubblebag kit

bubbleman has definately sold me now that I have seen it done. Gonna get my bubblebags before my crop is done. 2 thumbs, or shall I say, joints up!!!!

No f#@$%^&Nway. Hash fome leaf now i need some one to sell me leaf, I cant grow cuz i live in a place that checks

Have made lots of good hash since I got mine. I use a paint mixer and drill in a seperate pail before adding to work bag.

dynomite quality, Believe it or not I'm getting the same quantiy from the 25 as I am from the 73. It must be the genius.

Let's give credit to Mila Jensen, the inventor of the Ice-o-lator hash bags. You ARE giving her royalties, aren't you, Bubbleman. You never mentioned her. Did you exploit her invention and run with the money?

i bought one of these and my head hasn't stopped being numb for weeks anybody who smokes hard should buy one of these or buy some of the finished product from me

Bubble hash is the best cleanest smoke. I love it.

well budzilla48 mila jensen, i should tell you that indeed mila did not invent this contraption, a gentlemen by the name of eldo did. If you ask her you will she, she sells them but did NOT invent them!!!!!!!

Dudes right, Mila didn't invent this sys; these are just time honored physics principles of density and law of random distribution, plus a little temperature changing thickness of oils/viscosity. Can't patent common lab techniques. I also own a set.

That looks like a very effective way to make hash.. in the Video you used Shake,leaf, can you use Bud, if so how do you prepare it?

for medicail use;perfect

half pound vs. ten grams I'll take the herb!

Talked to Bubbleman on da phone...cool dude, bags are on the way...more later..

Change a big bag of nice looking smokable trim into a very small amount of hash. Doesn't sound like a great idea to me.

I hate to use this example but turning you pot into hash is like if you were to turn crack back into coke. So if you dont know what your talking about read up on it boys. Hash is very potent. Peace and Love and Pot and Hash

I'm glad information like this is around for those of us wo wish to cut down on vegitative matter.

My friend has ordered and put to use the wonderful bag system and it is a beautiful thing



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